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What people are saying about ARG

ARG Mole Removal constantly strives to provide the best customer service. Our goal is to make the client's experience so incredibly smooth, pleasant, and satisfying that they wouldn't dream of looking elsewhere the next time around. We want to be re-hired and recommended to friends and family alike — automatically, and without hesitation.
reviews for ARG Mole Removal
Mike is clearly the reigning mole expert in Vancouver. I greatly appreciate his restoration of my lawn. Thanks again!
— Rosemary Coupe (Nov 2014)
Mike, Thank you for the quick work!  I had previously hired one of your so-called competitors, and not a single mole was caught over the 3 month period. You, however, caught 2 moles with your very 1st visit, then a 3rd a week later! No further signs of moles in my yard.  Thank you.
— Dave B. (March 2015)
No more mole mounds whatsoever... We are very satisfied indeed!!!
— Colwin Electrical (Nov 2014)
"ARG-uably" the best mole control we have ever had. Mike is very pleasant, well educated, and very knowledgeable about everything mole! We have a very large property that we thought would never be mole free. In a very short time we are just that - mole free! We highly recommend ARG Mole!
--- S & G Gyles (Apr 2016)
WOW!!! The results are amazing!!! Thanks for catching the moles and for doing the videos, too. Our yard will look so much better for our first spring here. Thanks again!!
— Nancy Rothery
We thought we would never get rid of the moles on our front lawn! After trying many googled ideas/methods, with one additional key stroke we found ARG Mole Removal. They quickly took care of our lawn, and now no more moles. Thanks to Mike for great work, value and commitment to get the job done.
Gerry and Bruce Anderson
Mike, obviously your methodology has been very effective and I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am that you stuck your business card on the mole hill in our front yard three months ago!!! It is so nice living without the fear (and utter frustration) of having mole hills reappear all the time! 
You've done everything you've said you'd do and more. And to boot, your texts/emails and videos are too entertaining to give up at this point. LOL.
— Jim Tyrer (July 2015)
Hiring Mike from ARG Mole Removal was the best thing we have ever done! We have been dealing with moles and their lovely hills for the past 15 years. Our garden/lawn looked like a battle zone! At first, we were extremely skeptical, suspicious "per mole" charging would mean he would “pretend” to find moles at our cost. As it turned out, he is the most honest guy we have ever hired! ( and we have been in our house for almost 30 years).
Mike was prompt in returning calls, did not destroy our lawn, caught a half dozen of the wee devils, humanely, in a very short period of time... but most of all he did it all with his incredible sense of humor….and as you know, if you want to catch a mole, you have to “think like a mole!!” Thanks Mike! The garden/lawn is looking fabulous!!
— Jacquie T.
The moles on my property had been making a fool of me for years, then I came across ARG on the net and decided to give them a try (can't go charge). Five moles later in short order and I'm free at last! Mike knows moles!
— Jim Pelton (Aug 2015)
No mole activity as far as I can see. Only three days since you started... Your work has been very effective!
— Michael C.
We were very impressed with your professionalism—not to mention the drop-box "action videos" of the actual captures. As cute as the little critters are, it's wonderful to have our lawn to ourselves again. First sign of action in the Spring, we'll be on the phone to you!
—Joan M. and Irwin N.
Thanks for catching the moles in my yard so quickly! You were great and if this happens again, which I’m sure it will, I’ll definitely give you a call. You made the whole thing so easy!
— Don
You’re very well-mannered. I sent the videos to my brother as well. Keep it up and thanks for doing this for me. I’ll make sure I pass on your name as the opportunity arises.
— Derek L.
Mike, It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you again for getting rid of our little pests. You and your assistance are very friendly and professional. I would recommend you anytime. You are truly FIVE 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!! If we need anyone in the future I know who to call! Many thanks again!
--- Sandi & Richard Lo (Aug 2015)
You certainly are on a roll! You estimated three or four, and you were right. Awesome job. I am impressed!
— Jim T.
Totally appreciate your service! You go above and beyond, and I will be spreading the word!!
— Tanya Barr (Jun 2014)
Van Dusen Botanical Gardens is a gorgeously maintained venue that hosted the Luxury and Supercar Weekends held each year. In 2014, however, less than a week before this prestigious event was set to take place, moles began to wreak havoc all over the Great Lawn. There were mounds everywhere and no matter how many the staff would rake out, more appeared each day. We called ARG based on the recommendation of a local golf course, but fully expected to be told that there wasn't sufficient time to do anything.
Not only did Mike fit us in immediately, but he was able to catch SEVEN moles the very first day. He got three more just two days later, and because of that we did not see a single new mole mound for the duration of the event! Incredible.
I am convinced that there is no other mole control service out there with knowledge and skill great enough to have resolved such a big problem on such a large scale in so short a time. Amazing. Apparently when you need fast results, call ARG!
Many thanks again!
— Van Dusen Botanical Gardens 
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