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About ARG

ARG might seem to be the sound one might make when seeing mole damage to their yard ("Arrg!!"), but in this case it actually stands for "Au Revoir, Gopher!" It was the iconic line uttered by the quirky greenskeeper Carl Spackler in the 1980 movie Caddy Shack just before he detonated explosives all over the golf course to rid it of his nemesis. Here in the Vancouver area we have moles, not gophers. But moles are just as devastating to turf and lawns whether at home, in parks, on playing fields... or at golf courses.
"Au revoir, gopher!" Bill Murray as Carl Spackler in the 1980 movie Caddy Shack.
At ARG Mole Removal, we got our start  as greenskeepers for one of the most popular golf courses in the greater Vancouver area. As such, we are experts in turfgrass and lawn care. (Hence the affinity for the aforementioned movie!)
The lifeblood of a golf course stems from keeping the turf and grass to the highest standard... and that's where learning the trade of mole trapping came in. The meticulous care given to growing great turf and lawns is pointless if moles destroy it in the blink of an eye.  Virtually every greenskeeper learns to control moles to some extent. I found the methods slow, inefficient, and colossally inhumane, so I took it upon myself to find a better way... a much, much better way! What started out as just another duty soon became a passion, and finally a business in itself.
The owner of ARG Mole Removal, Mike Richards, is very professional and probably the world's most highly over-qualified mole catcher! Although he eventually became a greenskeeper, he began his career as a mechanical engineer and later as a specialist in the telecommunications industry! The art of catching moles as ridiculously quickly as he does is a skill he refined in his years in the golf industry. There really is no testing ground for mole trapping greater than at a competitive golf course.
ARG Mole Removal gained its reputation for uncannily fast, effective methods, as well as extremely high levels of customer service. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer satisfaction. Every business these days claims to do this, but ARG Mole Removal consistently delivers. We do more, and we care more. Judge us on our performance. 
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