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​How we operate


It’s always best to give us a call! It is our pleasure to explain the trapping process, the details of our pricing, and answer any other questions you may have. Once that is done, then it's time to get to work!
Mole Trapping Services In Vancouver
First, we will book a setup date. You don’t need to be there from a work perspective—only if you would like to meet in person. During the first visit we will assess the property and set traps in strategic locations.
Six to ten days later, usually the following calendar week, ARG will return to check on progress. Why not sooner, you ask? Our goal is to have your property mole-free as quickly as possible. The techniques we have developed are so effective, and our knowledge of moles so thorough, that it is rare indeed that we don't get your main culprit right off the bat! Our uncanny knack for quickly trapping moles means that you will enjoy being mole-free much faster than you might expect. Most of our clients enjoy immediate results following the very first visit!
Speaking of results, we provide video clips of moles caught as a little tangible proof of performance. It takes more effort, but it's just another way in which ARG Mole Removal distinguishes itself from the competition.


There is no written contract to sign, per se, but ARG will send you an email after startup. With the terms of our agreement in writing and an idea of what to expect from the process, you can be sure that there is no misunderstanding for either side. Good, clear communication is essential!
How many moles do I have?  If you are reading this, then you likely have at least one! Moles are extremely territorial, but that does not mean that you have only one, as many would believe. They don't like each other, but that also does not mean that several can not exist in close proximity. It all depends on animal kingdom stuff like competition for resources! The "territorial" nature actually has an effect on the mole removal process, in both the short and the longer term. Once a mole is eliminated, it's quite common for a neighbouring mole to find its vacated tunnel system. ARG are experts not only at catching the original offender(s), but also any others that might try to cause new damage to your newly rescued lawn!
How long will I remain mole free? With the skill and speed of ARG's service, the benefits often feel almost instantaneous, but how long will the results last? Sadly, there is no standard answer. The likelihood of getting mole problems again after treatment depends on the population density of moles in your area and your proximity to their natural habitat, as well as other factors. The vast majority of ARG clients remain mole free at least until the following season, and often far beyond that. Keep in mind that once you've had moles once, the tunnel network under your property might allow future mole generations to find you more easily. The good news is that tunnels also fill in over time from inclement weather and natural root growth. It's slow, though, so make sure to call us in at the first sign of any new mole activity. Staying "on top" of the problem means that you won't lose the benefits of trapping. Don't wait! A new mole will re-open tunnels far faster than Mother Nature fills them in!
The other guys may offer guarantees, even really long ones, but beware! They might be promising long guarantee periods, or frequent visits, but are they promising to actually catch your moles? Often what they really do is catch the first easy mole, then nothing more unless you call to complain... which most people don't do. At ARG we actively trap throughout the full process, and most often catch moles the competition would never even have been aware of. Again, it's another display of how ARG Mole Removal cares more and does more. 
Many contemporary pest control companies will ask for hundreds of dollars in up front fees before any work takes place, and not even guarantee to catch a single mole. Some charge set fees for a set number of site visits. None promise to catch your mole! ARG Mole Removal is proud to offer services on a No Mole – No Fee basis. That way, you will only pay for results. We promise to get the mole, every time, or you won't pay. 
At ARG Mole Removal we ensure that  the job is done to your complete satisfaction. Please judge us on the results we achieve! Every client, every time. 
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