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The best way to get rid of moles

Mole control with ARG Mole Removal means great service and fast results — and no more mole problems. The most efficient, reliable, and professional mole trapping specialists around.

No mole, No fee

No mole, No fee! Guaranteed results. ARG Mole Removal does more, and cares more. We use special techniques developed by the owner that make us ridiculously efficient at catching moles.
We believe that if a business is going to take your money to perform mole control, it should at least guarantee that it will catch a mole!
ARG Mole Removal Vancouver

The best mole exterminators

ARG Mole Removal does moles and only moles. Our performance and professionalism are why we are used by so many top golf clubs, botanical gardens, property managers, and high-end estate owners.
ARG Mole Removal only gets paid if we get results. Try us risk free to eliminate your garden mole problem. ARG Mole Removal: the mole extermination specialists!
ARG Mole Removal Vancouver
"I haven't seen any fresh mole hills out there (on the course). Wait... I don't think I've EVER said that before!"
 — J. Oliver, Assistant Superintendent Marine Drive


"You caught that guy already?!?  You are the best mole catcher EVER! ...and hey, you can juggle, too! :)"
— V. Vargas, Assistant Superintendent
Point Grey Golf


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